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Always The Same

Always The Same was reformed in 2011 to become a trio with the wish to regain its influence to the Punk Rock.

Animal Boys

Ramones cover band from Biel/Bienne Switzerland. The Animal Boys are doing the Ramones, only the Ramones. It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s punk rock!


Coroner was one of those underrated metal bands, mostly known to hardcore fans. Often labelled a thrash band, their music went far beyond what is usually thought of as thrash metal. Releasing five albums and a semi-compilation in eight years – from the unpolished and technical speed of 1987’s “R.I.P.”, the complexity of 1988’s „Punishment for Decadence“, the technical quality of 1989’s „No More Color“ and its derivative „Mental Vortex“ from 1991 to the heavier and more laidback style of “Grin” – the band progressed consistently, without ever losing their identity. Composed of only three members – Tommy Vetterli (guitar), Marky Edelmann (drums) and Ron Broder (bass/vocals) – Coroner stood out of the metal scene with outstanding musicianship, creativity, raw power, technical skills and innovation.

Dnepr (ex Dnjepr)

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El Deux + Martin Kraft

EL DEUX sind nach 35 Jahren zurück und wieder auf Tour. Nach einem erfolgreichen und euphorischen Auftritt am Young & Cold Festival in Augsburg (15.09.2018) geht es weiter ans Rixpop.

Failed Teachers
Great Punkrock Band of today

Goodbye Johnnys

1977 Punkrock – seit 2010 spielen The Goodbye Johnnys die Musik ihrer Schulzeit. So wild, wie dies nur Musiker tun, die den Aufbruch selbst erlebt haben.

Grandjean (ex Taxi, ex Hertz)

Michael Boxer (Schlagzeug), Dominique Grandjean (Tasten/Gesang), Renée Grandjean (Bass/Gesang) und Sascha Greuter (Gitarre/Gesang) sind Grandjean. Die Band bedient sich aus dem Songrepertoire von Dominique der letzten 40 Jahre – der Name ist Programm.

The Lombego Surfers (Tony)

One of the oldest and wildest Garage Punkbands in the world

The Monsters (Beat-Man)

One of the oldest and wildest Garage Punkbands in the world

One Two Three (ex Kleenex/Liliput, ex TNT)

Ihr erstes Konzert wird an der Vernissage am 20. August in der Galerie Strauhof in Zürich stattfinden.

Bemerkung: Die Webeite ist  erst in der Entwicklung (stand 11.4.2020). Der Link “unter” dem Plakat führt zur Galerie Strauhof.

Ex Nasal Boys, Expo, Bucks bassplayer with his actual band

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The return of Séance developed in small steps. In autumn 2019, the newly mastered album Blue Dolphin Blue, which the band recorded with Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) in Brussels in 1988, was released for the first time in digital form. Included in the package are two remixes: Chris Corner (Sneaker Pimps, IAMX) has taken on the title track Blue Dolphin Blue and delivered an atmospheric remix, taking the song in a new direction. The Swede Johan Baeckström, who is also known as a member of the band “Daily Planet”, brought the track My Room electronically into modern times with a nod to 80’s synth pop. A limited amount of CD’s of Blue Dolphin Blue remastered were released as well.
At the end of 2019 the debut EP Detlef and Destemonias End (1987) was released in digital form for the first time ever.

Thee oldest Swisspunk Band

The Young Gods 

Thee Post-industrial band from Fribourg


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