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Artist: Odds & Ends
Title: Same
Songs: Barcelona / John Rudi / Zoe / Saarland / Sittin’ On The Floor / Fly To You // The Bird / Behind / prayer / I Swear / Train / Odds & Ends
Media: MC
Released: 1990
Label & Cat.#: Eigenproduktion 90151
Members: Bea voc, Putsch guit, Marco bass, Angie drums
Add. Info: Recorded live on 07.09.1990 at the Dynamo Zürich. Coverart by Manu Hophan, foto by Andreas Meier.
City / State: Zürich / ZH
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Artist: O.D.S
Title: Encourage US
Songs: Encourage US To Come To U.S. / Panzer / Laying On The Clouds / Fill Or Kill / TV Now / Lost My Way / I Just Can’t / Berlin
Media: CD
Released: 1990
Label & Cat. #: Eigenproduktion ICE 006
Members: Dominique Bettens ?? ,Serge Delaragea ??, Henri Haenni perc-sampler-voc , Claude Riboray ??
Add. Info: Recorded from Pfilippe Adamir at Studio Lorelei. Cover art by Dominique Bettens, cover foto by Christine Geztsch/Bettens & Luca Fascini
City / State: Lausanne / VD
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Artist: Off Shade
Title: Two Colours
Songs: Living On The Ground / Silence // Dreams Are Made For You / Two Colours
Media: 12“
Released: 1989
Label & Cat.#: Vampire Records 89 041
Members: Programing & Sounds by Luigi Ballrrone & Sergio Tomato
Add. Info: Cover art by Sascha B, photo by Florio Puenter
City / State: La Punt / GR
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Artist: Oil On Canvas
Songs: Inner Voice / Only Human // Friends
Media: 7“
Released: 1987
Label & Cat. #: Eigenproduktion OIL 8701
Members: Stefan Weber voc-keyb, Rey Zeus guit, Mäfe C bass, Andreas sax, Bruno Haag drums
Add. Info: Coverart by Bruno Haag, includes postcard.
City / State: Richterswil / ZH
See also: Verdorbene Jugend, People,the

Oil On Canvas

Oil On Canvas (1983-91) kominierten tanzbare Rytmen mit sonderbaren Harmonienen, sonderbaren Texten, sonderbaren Gitarren- und Bassphrasierungen. Diese Dissonanzen mögen ihren Ursprung im nicht immer reibungsfreien Zusammenleben und -spiel der Gruppe haben. Zu ihren Einflüssen zählten King Crimson II, Talking Heads, Miles Davis oder Lounge Lizards. 1987 erschien ihre einzige Single. Ihr Schlagzeuger Bruno Haas spielte gleichzeitig ab zirka 1987 mit Unterbrüchen bei der Band The People.

Artist: Olliwor
Title: To Many Heroes
Songs: Falls das Fieber steigt / Where Are You Now / Zwergenfrau im Frühling / Blue Memorys / Da war einmal ein Mann gewesen / Standing On The Border / Pfniitjenk My Window / R.R.R. / Crowlded Bus / Wa-Wa-Wilbur / In Neuchatel / Wundermax und das letzte Atom / James Bond Died In His Haevenbad / Flowers In The White House // Hellzapoppin / Rock’n’Röllchen / Dä Uftrag N / Am Bodensee / Elvis In His Bike / Der Kreis / Walking Down The Steps / Batman In The Crowld / Hoja hoja ho-ho / Woman / Henry And The Flowers / Wir und das alte Klavier in Opas Diele / Rämis Tettel / Too Many Heroes / S’isch fascht vorbii / Neue Welt
Media: MC
Released: 1988
Label & Cat.#: Eigenproduktion
Style: Pop Noise
Members: Olliwor
Add. Info: Includes infos sheet.
City / State: Amriswil / TG
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Orange World
Originally formed as Garbage Pail Kids I joined them as a stand in drummer to play trash punk.
The original singer pulled out before or after the 1st gig that we already played as Orange World.
The Dynamo, where we practised at, had a special offer recording a demo. We didn’t have a singer but jumped on that occasion and asked Marcel Reich, later Dioxin to help out on a few songs.So we recorded 5 songs and were supposed to mix them. But then the engineer got kicked out of the Dynamo cos he was caught smoking dope and our masters left with him…It was planned to be a 7’’ (and finally got released as such in 2001 on Strongly Opposed Records), but at the time we didn’t have the money. So we released it as a split tape with Folldäne from Reinach.
Kräche left the band and we played a couple of gigs as a 2-piece band sounding even noisier!
Then that was over as I concentrated on B.O.H. again.Sometime in 1988 Ninja(Guitar), me(drums), Jäger(screams) and another guy on bass I can’t remember his name (sorry!!!) played in the fastest ever band on this planet! Decapitated existed for 2 hours and played just very very fast. We even had a few songs on an international comp.tape!! Orange World was reformed by Ninja,me,Fritze (the B.O.H. roadie who got a song dedicated to him) and Thöme (ex-Urinrpobe) and played two gigs in the squats of Zürich. Due to problems we split up and formed a new band with the same line up but replacing Thöme with Reinhard on vocals and so became Earth Citizens.
Anti-© Pablo


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